Scarborough Winter Tennis Club Constitution

  1. Name
    The name of the organization shall be - "Scarborough Winter Tennis Club" hereinafter referred to as "the Club".

  2. Objects
    The objects of the Clubs shall be:

    a) To provide for its members the best possible facilities for playing and enjoying indoor tennis
    b) To affiliate with or make any agreement or undertaking with such organizations as may be necessary for the improvement and/or expansion of the tennis facilities for its members
    c) To affiliate with all or any Societies or organizations of the same kind or nature as its own, as say be deemed necessary

  3. Membership
    Membership shall be open to all, subject only to numerical capacity, but residents of the City of Toronto shall be given preference. Within the following categories:

    a) Junior - This shall be any person 17 years of age and under as of January 1st in the current year.
    b) Adult - This shall be any person 18 years of age and over as of January 1st in the current year.

    1. Prime - Booking and playing at both prime and non-prime time

    2. Non-Prime - Booking and playing at non-prime time only

    Residents are considered to include business property owners, as well as those residents in the City of Toronto.

    Membership applications shall be made in writing to the City of Toronto annually. The membership period for any year shall run concurrently with the Club fiscal year. Membership shall be subject to numerical capacities in each category, as established by the executive on an annual basis. These applications are drawn at random and appended to the current waiting list. Membership openings are filled from the top of this waiting list.

  4. Fees
    The annual fees for members shall be determined by the Executive, subject to City of Toronto approval, and shall be payable in total at time of application for membership.

  5. Executive
    The business affairs of the Club shall be administered by the Executive consisting of:
    a) Composition:

    1. President

    2. First Vice President

    3. Second Vice President

    4. Treasurer

    5. Secretary

    6. Immediate Past President

    7. Director of Recreation or his appointee

    Number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 shall be elected as provided hereinafter. Number 6, the immediate Past President shall also be a full voting member of the Executive during the term following the expirations of his/her period of office as President.

    b) Power - The Executive shall have full power to administer the business and affairs of the Club, including but without limiting the generality of the following:

    1. Control over all financial accounts and the disbursement of that portion of the total fees accruing to the Club after City assessment.

    2. Power to appoint Committees and Chairmen thereof, including standing Committees. Such appointments shall be made annually.

    3. Power to fill any and all vacancies which may occur on the Executive during its term of office, providing such vacancies occur between elections.

    4. Power to vote at Executive meetings. Only Executive members may vote at such meetings.

    5. Power to approve all disbursements made on behalf of the Club. All such disbursement shall require prior Executive approval.

    c) Term of Office - Elected members of the Executive hold office for the duration of the fiscal year following their election. Appointed members of the executive shall hold office from the date of their appointment until the close of the then current fiscal year.

    However, if the members of the incoming Executive have not been elected by the beginning of the fiscal year, then the existing Executive members shall continue to hold office until the time of such election, and the term of the incoming Executive shall date from the time of their election until the close of the then current fiscal year.

    No elected member of the Executive may occupy the same elective office for more than three years consecutively.

  6. Election of the Executive
    a) Eligibility - Adult members only shall be eligible to hold Executive office. Anyone receiving remuneration from the L'Amoreaux facility in any way shall not be eligible for a position on the Executive.

    b) Nominations - Nominations for the elected position on the Executive shall be made by a nominating committee composed of not less than three Adult members. The report of the nominating committee shall be delivered to the Secretary at least 4 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. Nominations for the elected position may also be submitted by Adult members, not later than three weeks before the Annual Meeting. Such nominations shall be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from members so nominated, and shall be duly moved and seconded.

    The Secretary shall have appropriate ballot forms available at the Annual Meeting, should there be more than one member nominated for each or any elected position. Elections shall be made by simple majority.

  7. Duties of Executive Members
    a) President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive and of the Club, and generally exercise such authority as is usually associated with the office. He/She shall ensure that the Club is correctly and adequately represented to the public and to any and all associations and affiliated organizations, with whom the Club may have dealings.

    b) First Vice President: The First Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties and exercise the authority of the President. He/She shall also perform such duties and exercise such authority as the President say from time to time delegate to him/her. He/She should also be prepared to stand for election as President when called upon to do so.

    c) Second Vice President: The Second Vice President shall, in the absence of the President and the First Vice President, assume the duties and exercise the authority of the President. He/She should also be prepared to stand for election as First Vice President, or President when called upon to do so.

    d) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall perform such duties as pertain to the office. These duties shall include maintaining the financial record of the Club, performing bank reconciliation at the end of fiscal year and receiving and depositing all monies paid into the Club. Further, the Treasurer shall control the disbursement of fund as directed by the Executive and shall render an account of all transactions including the financial position of the Club, at all Executive meetings and the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for securing an accountant and ensuring that such financial report shall immediately follow the close of the fiscal year of the Club, as required. The Treasurer will only issue receipts upon written request.

    e) Secretary: The secretary shall perform such duties as pertain to the office. These duties shall include keeping a full record of the proceeding of all meetings of the Executive, and the Annual Meeting. A copy of the records of Executive meetings shall be sent to Executive members at least one week prior to subsequent meetings. The Secretary shall conduct all official correspondence of the Club and shall notify, or cause to be notified, the Executive of all meetings.

  8. Meetings
    The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall take place in April of each year for the purpose of discussing such business as may be brought forward. This shall include consideration of the financial statement of the Club, and the election of the Executive. Notice of this meeting shall be posted to Adult members and sent to City no later than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and shall include the report of the nominating committee.

    Special General Meetings of the Club may be called at the request of no less than 20 Adult members, providing such notice is given in writing and duly signed by all 20 Adult members. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive to act upon such requests and ensure that all Adult members of the Club are duly notified of the date, place and time of such meetings.

    Executive Meetings shall be held monthly during the Club playing season, with no less than 8 such meetings being held during the fiscal year, and/or more often as deemed necessary by the President.

  9. Quorums
    A quorum at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall require a minimum of 20 Adult members in good standing, to be present, two of whom shall be members of the Executive and of these two, one must be either the President or a Vice President.

    A quorum at Executive meetings shall require a majority of members, in good standing, to be present.

  10. Fiscal Year
    The fiscal year of the Club shall run from September 1st to August 31st in each year.

  11. Auditor/Accountant
    The Executive shall appoint an accountant at the close of the fiscal year at the end of the Treasurer's term or as required to prepare the financial report (e.g., Notice to Reader or Review Engagement) and shall be presented to the Club at the following Annual General Meeting.

  12. Banking Arrangement
    The Club's bank account shall be kept in such bank, trust company or savings and loan company as the Executive may by resolution, from time to time determine. Cheques on the Club's bank account, drafts drawn or accepted by the Club and promissory notes made by it, shall be signed, drawn, accepted and made as they may be, by the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary. Bills of exchange promissory notes, cheques or orders for money shall be endorsed for deposit to the credit of the Club's bank account, by the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary.

  13. Amendments to the Constitution
    Any Amendment to this Constitution must be made At the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting. Such proposed amendment must be submitted in writing, to the Executive 21 days prior to the General meeting. All such Amendments presented to the General Meeting shall require a two-third majority of those present to carry. Proposed Constitution amendments will be posted to Adult members along with the notice of the meeting.

  14. By-Laws
    By-laws as necessary for the proper operation of the affairs of the Club Shall be established and/or amended or rescinded at duly constituted meetings of the Executive. A two-thirds majority of those present is required to carry.

  15. Management Board
    The Management Board is made up of the Scarborough Winter Tennis Club President and two directors, the S.T.F. President, Director of Recreation, the Recreation supervisor, and Facility Manager assigned to the complex. All changes to the Club regarding number of programs, hours for league times, annual fees for memberships, and court fees, etc. must be approved by the Board.

  16. Conflict of Interest
    An executive member who is a party to, or who is a director or officer is or has a material or financial interest in any person who is a party to, a material contract or monetary transaction or proposed material contract or monetary transaction with the Club, must disclose to the Club the nature and extent of his/her interest at the time such matter is considered by the Board. Such executive member shall not vote on any resolution to approve the same. The present article applies, with any necessary adaptations, to all executive members who are members of a committee at the Club or who sit on boards of directors of any company or association dealing with the Club, when the subject under discussion might create a conflict of interest.